Practice Area

Westwood Golf Club offers outstanding practice facilities, enabling our members to work on all areas of their game. Our all grass practice tee features target greens from 50 yards to 250 yards as well as a bunker allowing for greenside bunker practice and also long fairway type bunker shots. Nestled behind the range, you will find a 5 acre, 2 green, short game area with one green designed for pitching and a second green for chipping. This part of our practice facility offers every shot imaginable from 80 yards and closer, including a fairway bunker to practice that “devilish” little 60 to 80 yard sand shot and a second bunker for greenside practice. Two additional “putting only” greens are available with one located between the first and tenth tees and a second, much larger green located behind the clubhouse and ninth and eighteenth greens.

Our Golf Staff is always ready to assist you with any part of your golf game that may need help.

8888 Country Creek Drive Houston, Texas 77036(713)